Covered Goods

I'm super excited to share with you all my most recent project. A few weeks ago I reached out to Covered Goods to see if they needed any product photography and was ecstatic when they responded back that they'd love for me to photograph and review their product! So I picked out my favorite print, they shipped it super quick, and Naomi and I had a blast modeling and photographing our Covered Goods multi-use nursing cover. Tyler even got in on the modeling action and most of the photography credit goes to him. #photographerhusband

I was really excited to try out the cover as a carrier cover. The one we were using was super annoying when it was windy because it would blow all over the place and then it would slide off the handle of the carrier.. it was just a disaster. The Covered Goods cover is super lightweight, stays in place and Naomi can't pull it down and chew on it. It also keeps her well covered for nap time!

I was also super excited to try out our Covered Goods as a shopping cart cover. We went on a family outing to Target and the super frugal and practical husband actually commented on the cover saying that he "really really liked it." So that's an automatic win for me! 

On Saturday we went on a little family outing to Saylorville to walk along the beach and enjoy nature. It was super easy to bring along our Covered Goods so I could nurse Naomi when she got hungry. I wore it as a scarf, and when she got hungry I just pulled it down over my shoulders and she nursed away. 

This project was so fun to do and I am pleased to say that we are very happy with Covered Goods and their product! Plus they have so many cute patterns I might just have to order another one! Want your own cover? use this link to pick out your own Covered Goods multi-use nursing cover: